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    Very Good

    Comments: I was referred to Dr. Downey by another foot doctor which to me, speaks volumes. He said he does NOT DO old metal !! I had presented with a torn Achilles on left foot and broken/loose screws in right foot. There were several other things that needed repair. After Dr. Chandler repaired the Achilles, I was released to see Dr. Downey, he put me at ease right away. To say the least... I was not excited about another foot surgery. Surgery went well!! The staff is very good and made sure I could get in whenever I needed to! I love Rachel to pieces!! She's exceptional!! Every question, phone call, refills handled right away!! He even answered his phone personally when I had called after hours when I got home from hospital. He was able to give me a little more range of motion than I had before, and fixed things I didn't know needed fixing!! I have referred him and will continue to do so!!