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    Comments: I met Dr. Downey due to my first orthopedic surgeon moved from the metroplex. Let me say, I did like him a lot! But, honestly now I can see it was a blessing in disguise. When my first Dr. left I was referred to another ortho surgeon. I was told I would require future orthopedic procedures. My original injury involved a fractured calcaneus (crushed was the terminology used) and my ankle also fractured in 2 places. It required surgery & hardware ~10 long pins and a large metal plate to put my foot back together. Afterwards I remained in constant pain, my foot remained swollen and I had a severe limp. After the referral to a new Dr. a request for a CT was made. It was then denied and further miscommunication by my insurance that lasted for over 10 long weeks. Finally, at my wits end with my pain and frustration I felt overwhelmed. How was I ever going to walk normal again? Or be able to go back to work? I had lost my job of 14 years because of this injury.
    Due to a series of events thankfully I was fortunate enough to hear about Dr. Downey from a podiatrist my family used many years ago. Dr. Downey was "Most highly recommended." And I should give him a try. So, I did! I noticed something different even on my first visit with Dr. Downey. He was proactive as to what would be needed for my physical & mental well being. He could sense I'd been through it. He listened to me and all of my previous concerns. Even though I'm sure much of it he has heard before about insurance companies and uncontrolled pain. He listened and did not rush me. He told me he would not have any problems with my insurance. Even if it meant going one to one peer review to appeal a denial by my insurance. A request for a CT scan that was still in limbo by the other ortho Dr. office.
    Unsurprisingly, Dr. Downey was able to get it approved in just a couple days.
    Another significant difference with Dr. Downey that I know had an immense difference on my healing after my second procedure & compared to my first. On the day of my surgery consultation, I again voiced to Dr. Downey how horrible and never controlled my pain was after my first surgery. I told him how I'd take the pain meds and know at best it would only slightly relieve my pain. I knew I would be counting the hours until I could take the next dose. I was unable to ever find a way to distract myself enough to help make the time pass and lessen the pain.
    So, I asked for an honest comparison as too how bad would this second surgery really be? He gave me a truthful answer. But, then told me how differently with this procedure my pain would be managed. Also, on my surgery consult day, all of the medications Dr. Downey would order for me and my after care, were sent to my pharmacy in advance. First, he explained what each medication was for and how to take them. I was also told if one did not get filled for whatever reason to let him know asap so it could be corrected and I would not be without the medications he had ordered. This is brilliant! Why wait until after a procedure is done and take the chance there could be a problem with not being able to get one of the medications. It could be due to out of stock or insurance non coverage or cost. These are just some of the non medical things that truly separates Dr. Downey from all the others. Absolutely, he is caring and very personable. He took the time to explain the procedure and show details on the CT scans and X-rays and listen to all of my concerns.
    Recently, I started Physical Therapy. It is a lot of hard work and does cause some pain with the stretches and exercises. But, I'm truly starting to feel hopeful and more confident that now with my PT and the superior care I received from Dr. Downey and his staff. I will be able to have the best recovery and outcome possible.
    Thank you so much Dr. Downey!