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  • I came to Dr. Downey for a second opinion after I didn't trust my original doctor. Needless to say, Dr. Downey has well exceeded all my expectations. He thoughly evaluated my ankle issue and himself, expertly performed the required surgery. I'm recovering quickly and well even after what was a highl...

    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

  • Dr. Downey is the best kept secret in Podiatry in North Texas! He is a skilled diagnostician, an amazing surgeon, and is not afraid to collaborate with other specialists. My husband had not taken a pain-free step in 15 years and was unable to get the help he needed due to other health conditions. Dr...

    ~ Mrs. Marvin Sell ~

  • Dr Downey is an excellent podiatrist. He was very easy to talk to and quite professional. At my first appointment he examined my right foot and advised me of the procedure that was needed. Dr Downey also noted that I had a brace on my left foot (drop foot). He made arrangements to get me a new brace...

    ~ Terry Stevens ~

  • Being someone who has never experienced foot issues before, I was quite uncertain as to what to expect from the doctor, the diagnosis, the surgery (if necessary), and any recovery. Dr. Downey was not only very professional, he very quickly eased my fears and anxiety. His professional, personable app...

    ~ David Sheppard ~

  • Dr. Downey is most efficient and confident yet soft spoken and caring; he's the perfect embodiment of a Ft. Worth Texas doctor. I received top notch care and with four visits in the treatment of a concern find the accurate scheduling and short waits in reception area surprisingly short. Receptionist...

    ~ Chuck ~

  • Dr. Downey, is one of the most caring, Kind & professional doctors, I know. I have had many experiences, professional & personal with many physicians throughout my life and I have to say, this has been one the most pleasant ones. He performed surgery on me in March and with the care I received befor...

    ~ Deidra Williams ~

  • Dr. Downey is a wonderful foot doctor, my foot was really hurting before I went to him, I was hopping, he treated my foot and now I am pain free, no more hopping around, if you need a good doctor, I recommend him, he is friendly and will get the job done.

    ~ Cyenthia ~

  • For years I had excruciating pain in my right ankle due to a 37 year old injury which resulted in ankle fusion surgery. I was totally scared and worried about the outcome of this surgery. Dr. Downey explained the entire process to me so that I was much more relieved. Dr. Downey was also very confide...

    ~ Edward Kirsch ~

  • Dr Downey showed great sensitivity for the implications of his recommendations to this senior citizen. Surgery was ultimately the answer, but only after using other approaches. He demonstrated sincere concern and encouraged my wife to be part of the decision making process.

    ~ E T Adams ~

  • I would recommend Dr. Downey to everyone. He is a great doctor, explains everything and takes time to answer questions. He did my ankle surgery and it went very well. I can now walk again!

    ~ Paddy Sales ~

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